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Do not get carried away with the name – CartoonHD app is not a service that would help you watch Cartoon shows. In fact, it is a video streaming service that would help you watch a huge collection of TV shows and movies. Smartphones have changed the way we used to watch TV shows and movies. This article in particular and our site, in general, has been an attempt at disseminating an all-around information on Cartoon HD and the benefits associated with it.

CartoonHD App

Watch Your Favourite Movies For Free with Cartoon HD

You can use the app on your smartphone with ease. In fact, the app ac market apk can also be used on your laptops to view your favorite shows at your leisure.

The service is available both as a web service and as a mobile app. However, we will be concentrating on the app version of the Cartoon HD service rather than on the web version. Needless to say, movie streaming apps are most likely to suffer from the copyright issues. Thus, that should be one of the reasons for the tutuapp to be taken off from major app stores. A classic example can be the fact that Apple App Store which pulled the plugs on Cartoon HD in 2013.

Thia may force the movie buffs to look for alternatives. However, you can sideload the Cartoon HD APK on your Android device with ease, thanks to the open source nature of the Android operating system. We will explain how you can download Cartoon HD APK which is app similer to uktvnow apk on your Android phone.

Cartoon HD – What It Is?

Cartoon HD is a popular TV show app that made huge waves back in 2014. It offered popular TV shows like Game of Thrones apart from blockbuster movies.

The app was taken down on Apple app store because of the illegally distributed content that violated copyright concerns. Just go ahead and download Cartoon HD APK on your phone now!It is your best option for streaming latest movies and the newest episodes of your favorite TV shows on the go. The Cartoon HD app is available for iPad and iPhones as well – in addition to Android.

Salient features That Make It a Great Option

Well, Cartoon HD is a perfect app for your movie requirements. Let us go through the salient features of the app and find what makes it such a hot favorite for your movie needs.

  • Apart from streaming your shows, it also lets you download the shows so that you can watch them later.
  • The database is updated on a daily basis.
  • You can download the shows in different video qualities. The app supports resolutions like 360p to 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • The service offers you over 2000 shows and titles.
  • And not to forget, the app is completely free – with no any sort of hidden charges.

The first and foremost advantage of using Cartoon HD is that it serves you the latest movies and TV shows for free. Though pirated as it may appear, yet this is primarily what attracts the users to the site and app.

The Pros and Cons of Cartoon HD APK

Before you can proceed to download and enjoy your share of movies and TV shows, it would be practical enough to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of Cartoon HD APK.

The Pros

  • The app is quite simple to use. Even the newbies should be able to use it with ease.
  • You can have access to the IMDb ratings for all the shows on the service. This will help you choose the popular shows with ease.
  • Complete information on additional details about the show is included for each title. Year of release and the genre are some of the added information that Cartoon HD provides you.
  • You can use the app for all your streaming needs without worrying about any malicious attacks.
  • It comes with a simple and informative interface.  Even the newbies can use it with ease.

The app has a download option for the shows of your choice. If you think a show or series has a repeat view value, you can consider the download option as the best ps3 emulator that should suit you.


Any app or software cannot be perfect. CartoonHD App too has a few of limitations. Some of them can be summed up as

  • There are a few ads that may ruin your viewing pleasure.
  • The organization of the library is not in a way that can be comfortable to browse. We would appreciate a better organization of titles.

How To Download CartoonHD App on Your Android Device?

The Cartoon HD app was available on Google Play Store until recent times. However, as with any other free movie streaming service, CartoonHD app too suffered the copyright violation issues. This has made the app stores, most of them, to pull down the CartoonHD app from their catalogs.

However, if you are on Android, you can grab the APK for CartoonHD app and sideload it on your Android device. Please note that you may need to enable the APK installation from unknown sources – if you have not done so already.
Here is how you can do it –

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android
  • Look for Applications, Security or Privacy tabs.
  • Check for the option Unknown Sources. You should be able to find it under any of the above tabs. The exact location will depend on your Android version and device.
  • Toggle the option to enable app installation from unknown sources.

Once you have enabled third-party app installation on your Android, you can easily install the APK file.

Where to find the CartoonHD APK file?

Since the Cartoon HD app is not available on PlayStore, you may need to grab the APK file to install the app on your phone. There are several websites that would help you get the latest versions of the CartoonHD APK.

Be aware of the malicious websites masquerading to offer genuine APK files. You can check out a genuine site that offers CartoonHD APK download link. Save the APK on your phone. Once the download is completed, you can tap on the downloaded APK file to install it.

How To Install the CartoonHD app on iPhone?

In fact, iOS app store was the first app store that pulled the plugs on CartoonHD App. The app was available on iOS as well along with Android prior to 2014. There were frequent complaints about copyright violations and that was the major reason for pulling down CartoonHD from major app stores.

If you want to install CartoonHD on your iOS devices, you can follow the steps indicated here below.

  • To begin with, you need to change the date and time on your device. Change it to somewhere before August 2014.
  • Now, launch Safari Browser on your iPhone and search for CartoonHD app.
  • Please note that we cannot assure that this method would work. If you are lucky enough, you would be able to find the link to install the app. Click to install the app on your phone.

That is it! You have successfully installed the app. However, you need to Trust the app so that you can use it. Here is how you can trust the iOS app.

  • Go into the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on General.
  • Now, go to Profiles and Device management.
  • Look for the app you just downloaded. Tap on Trust.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

You have successfully trusted and verified the CartoonHD App. Launch the CartoonHD app on your iPhone and enjoy your share of unlimited movies.

How To Watch CartoonHD on your Laptop or PC?

Well, if you want to watch CartoonHD service on your laptop or PC, there is no need to install any application on your device. Just visit the official CartoonHD website and register yourself.

CartoonHD App

Here is what you need to do –

  • Visit the CartoonHD site
  • Register yourself with Email ID
  • Access the huge database of latest TV shows and movies for free

Using CartoonHD on your laptop will indeed be a rewarding experience, thanks to the larger screen. However, if you are looking for an all-around movie streaming experience on the move, using the app on your smartphone should be the best experience.

Download CartoonHD today and enjoy your favorite shows

We are all movie lovers and always looking for ways to watch our favorite shows in an economical way. CartoonHD app provides you a way you can watch your shows and movies more than in an economic option – you can watch them for FREE!

The advantage that we would like to stress on – apart from being a free app – is its library that boasts of almost all the latest releases. Whether movies or TV shows, we assure you of getting access to the latest titles on the CartoonHD app.