How To Install Cartoon HD for Kodi?

Cartoon HD is undoubtedly the best you can get if you are a movie lover. In fact, the name Cartoon HD may give a wrong impression that the service is meant for cartoon shows alone. However, it should be noted that it is a great source for movies and TV shows of your choice. Use the app for all your needs on your smartphone and that is precisely what would make it one of the excellent choice. How to install Cartoon HD for Kodi? That is exactly what we will be discussing in today’s post.

How To install Cartoon HD on Kodi?

Well, Kodi is a media organizer worth excellence. In fact, the cross-platform compatibility that the tool offers you makes it one of the most sought-after options for all your needs in movies and TV shows. The app is available on all popular platforms and the list includes Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems. In fact, the service can easily be installed on varied devices that includes Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. With YouTube Vanced APK 2018 you are able to play youtube videos in background but this feature is still not available in Cartoon HD app.

What makes it even great is the fact that you can view content from any part of the world with ease, thanks to the add-ons available for Kodi. Of course, you need to take care of the usefulness and reliability of the add-ons that you are going to install.

Having understood what Kodi is and how it can be beneficial for the Movie Lovers, let us find how it can be installed for Cartoon HD. To be frank, Kodi can be an excellent client for Cartoon HD. In fact, it will offer you several high-end features like.

  • Live Video Recording
  • Audio Listing
  • Image capturing
  • Live TV with EPG functionality

Moreover, you also have access to DVR functionality as well and use with like USTVNow APK   apps. Actually, Cartoon HD for Kodi can be beneficial in more ways than one.
Let us check out how you can install Kodi for Cartoon HD.

System Requirements for Cartoon HD for Kodi

Here are the requirements that Kodi would need to function effortlessly with Cartoon HD. Ensure that you have standard and stronger 3D GPU support. The CPU and GPU should be able to play content in full HD at 1080p. We would want to find you opting for a CPU that has at least dual-core 2 GHz performance.
Then, it will need a third-party launcher for proper functionality. Check if you have an appropriate launcher.

Here are the steps involved in installing Kodi for Cartoon HD.

Install Kodi on your system

Install Kodi on your preferred system or operating system. The steps involved in installing Kodi should be beyond the purpose of this article. Steps involved would be on the following lines, with a few minor changes depending upon the operating system that you are installing Kodi on.

  • Download Kodi from the official link.
  • Install Kodi App.
  • You will now need to enable Unknown Sources.
  • Launch Settings -> System Settings.
  • Click on Export button.
  • Under the options button, click on Add-ons and now Enable Unknown Sources.

That does it. So, you have prepared your Kodi app for installation of third-party add-ons.

Install Cartoon HD Add-On

Now that you have installed Kodi and enabled Add-ons, it is time you will install the Add-on for Kodi app. Here are the steps on how you can install Kodi for Cartoon HD.

  • Launch Kodi.
  • Access Settings and then navigate to File Manager

Cartoon HD for Kodi

  • On File manager Screen, click on Add Source.
  • Click on None and type in the following link address – Click on OK.
  • On the next screen, rename the link to Xinfinity or anything else that you would want to.
  • Now, on the Home page, click on Add-ons.
  • Next, click on Add-on Package Installer.

cartoon Hod for Kodi

  • Now, click on Install from ZIP file
  • You should now find the drop down with folder list. Choose Xinfinity from the list.
  • Next, find the xunitytalk repository zip
  • Click on Install from Repository
  • In the next step, click on Xunitytalk repository
  • Now, click on Video Add-on > Cartoon HD > Install

That does it! So, you have successfully installed Cartoon HD for Kodi.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that should be a complete tutorial on how to install Kodi app for Cartoon HD. The excellent movie library that cartoon HD offers you coupled with the streaming excellence that Kodi offers you should be something that should go a long way in enhancing your movie streaming experience. We assume that the tutorial and steps featured here should go a long way in letting you enjoy Cartoon HD in its excellent form.

Have you installed Cartoon HD for Kodi? If you have, do share your experiences and opinions with us through the comments section here below. Also, keep visiting us for all the information on Cartoon HD and the allied services that it has on offer for you. We are a dedicated site for everything you want to know about cartoon HD and will keep you informed on all the aspects of Cartoon HD.

Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:22 pm

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